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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Carbon Beach: California's Billionaire Beach

California's Billionaire Beach: Where Larry Ellison Leads A Pack Of 10-Figure-Plus Fortunes 

Westside Estate Agency's Stephen Shapiro tells Forbes that Carbon Beach property, which sells for about $200,000/sq. ft., has become the sandbox to billionaires. Check out the heavy bidders with homes there in this month’s "Billionaires" issue.

California‘s Carbon Beach is the world’s most expensive sandbox. Subdivided by Malibu’s founding family, the Rindges, in the 1930s, Carbon now commands upward of $200,000 per foot of beachfront. The draw for Hollywood’s power players? It’s the city’s deepest, driest strip of sand and less than 20 miles from Tinseltown. 

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